Applying Fluent Design system on SAI

Created during the internship at Microsoft Beijing in spring 2018. This project explored how Microsoft's Fluent Design system can be applied to a web application – the social artificial intelligence platform by Microsoft Xiaoice. 

Peace of mind service benefits aging parents, adult children, and student helper.

A service for adult children who live away from their aging parents but still want to take care of their parents and balancing their busy lives at the same time.

Future of On-demand Air Transportation

In conjunction with ArtCenter Grad ID and Uber, created concepts for end-to-end passenger experiences that will ultimately inform the development of electric VTOL aircraft on the Uber Elevate network globally.

A F.E.W. Choices with Big Impact

In partnership with the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA, the Resilient Coastal Cities is an engaging exhibit that communicate a call to action for the residents of Long Beach and other coastal cities for resiliency in the face of climate change.

Future of Telecommunication

This project is an exploration of how technology and Vodafone can help us strengthen interpersonal relationships, both physically and virtually.

Sponsored study away program

in Berlin, Germany

The Fresh Juice "ATM"

The fresh juice kiosk that people can customize ingredients, order through mobile devices, and enjoy instantly.

Water Conserving Ecosystem

A product concept that took opportunities around the internet of things to address issues arising from the California drought.